Movie Endings That Beg For A Rewrite

7th August

When watching a movie, many fans often dream of an alternate ending. They dream of a different ending when they feel the current one is boring and inadequate. Here are three films that beg for an alternate ending.

Thelma and Louise: At the end of this film, the ladies are suspended in the air flying over the Grand Canyon. Some people would love to see the girls make it to Mexico and live the good life. In fact, this is one of the Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Creative Science Fiction Movie Villains

31st May

Science fiction movies are always willing to push the boundaries of storytelling. By utilizing a combination of strong characters and special effects, science fiction movies have continually showed creativity when it comes to both heroes and villains. Here are some of the most unique bad guys in the history of science fiction films.

HAL-9000: The unique aspect of the “villain” in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” is that it is not human. HAL-9000 is the name of the sentient computer that takes over the ship powered by two human Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Popular Actors Who Simply Can’t Act

24th March

There have been an abundance of hip hop stars who have tried to translate their success in music to the silver screen. The success of rapper Eminem in the 2002 autobiographical film “8 Mile” has prompted many hip-hop stars to try their hand at acting. However, this usually results in disastrous results.

Prior to Eminem’s success, pop star Vanilla Ice tried his hand at acting in the 1991 film “Cool As Ice.” Vanilla Ice had very little experience with acting when he took on the role, but the studio backed the project so it Read the rest of this entry »

Low-Budget Gems: The Best Labors Of Love

19th June

Low budget movies are nothing new. In fact they’re fairly common in an industry where everyone wants to break into movies. However, some low budget movies are better than others, and many of them rise above their financial roots to become great.

“Brick,” for instance, is a fantastic movie. A noir story right out of a Dashiell Hammett novel, “Brick” tilts the genre by keeping the same archetypes and feeling, even the same language, but setting it in a high school. Since it’s a detective Read the rest of this entry »

Heads Will Roll: Infamous Big-Budget Flops

3rd October

The reality of filmmaking is that a large budget does not guarantee success. As the saying goes, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Here’s a brief look at five of Hollywood’s biggest bombs:

Science fiction comedies are hard to pull off, but even star Eddie Murphy couldn’t help this movie. With a starting budget of 100 million, Pluto Nash grossed a mere 7 million.

Based on the novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, this science fiction film is considered one of the most expensive box Read the rest of this entry »

How Would You Cast These Remakes Today?

30th September

With the remake of “Dirty Dancing” and “Footloose” coming out soon, many of the old timers are getting a little squeamish about these classics being ruined. I cannot blame anyone for being resistant to the attempt to recreate the magic of Swayze, Grey, Bacon and Lithgow. Movies come and go and risks need to be taken sometimes. Looking at new talent to fill the big shoes of Swayze and Bacon is absolutely mad. So how Read the rest of this entry »

Guilty Pleasures: Lousy Movies That We Love Anyway

27th September

When we watch a movie, we want the storyline to be great, and the acting to be even greater. Unfortunately, all movies don-t add up that way. Still, those are the films that we say we despise, but still catch ourselves watching when they-re on television, or renting when we-re at the local video store. What draws us to the film is because it-s so lousy, we can-t help but to love it. Just like the donut we know we should pass on, because our diet forbids it. We give into the guilty pleasure, because Read the rest of this entry »

Rapper/Film Star: LL Cool J

19th September

Anyone with a internet connection knows who LL Cool J is but did you know his film career is better than some b-level movie stars? If you didn’t know before, let us enlighten you on his film credits
Deep Blue Sea – You know this movie’s gotten a lot of flack but we think LL did a great job! It’s one of the corniest and most-loved shark movies Read the rest of this entry »

Comedies That Work On A Deeper Level

20th June

One of the greatest comedy sitcoms is Weeds. Weeds features the life of a single mother simply trying to make it through life with her two younger boys. While Weeds can make anyone laugh on the surface level, it also has a deeper level that probes racial tensions, gender issues, and power structures.

Weeds is successful as a comedy, because it does make people think on a more intellectual level. Weeds makes people reconsider their own preconceived notions of race and gender identity. Usually, Weeds makes use of irony in order to effectively communicate the contradictions of everyday life to Read the rest of this entry »

Classic Films That Stood The Test Of Time

23rd May

Is there any bigger letdown than telling your child or even a friend about a movie that holds special memories to you and then hearing from them that they hated it? Shocked, you dig out the DVD that you haven’t watched in years hoping to see that you have been right all along, that the movie is indeed wonderful. Too often you find that they were the ones that were right. You old favorite just hasn’t stood up to time.
There are however the classics that do hold up. You put them Read the rest of this entry »